26 November 2007

Python as for python

I’ve just downloaded this e-book about Python programming language. I don’t know how much books on prog lang that I’ve downloaded, it’s only that I want to master at least 1 prog lang.

Usually I read up till 3 chapters, tried several codes and then the spirit flew away. I promise to have at least 1 hour to read these books, but it is so damn hard. How to keep the spirit at level at all times ??


25 November 2007

I'm at your service...

Hi All,

I heard a lot about blogging and how it makes us become closer (at least emotionally), so I decided to take the big jump and started to write down ... what ?? Guys, gimme a clue, what should I wrote in a blog?

By the way, I put a picture of me - hopefully someone on this earth will take a good look of it...

See yaa...